Posting my doodles I feel people may like. I have fun drawing NSFW stuff, so expect a lot of that.

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"SPY Fox in Dry Cereal" came out on Steam yesterday. So I decided to have fun streaming it and also ruin it for everyone else with Monkey Penny’s boobs.

Drawn with in-game easel. Warm yellow tint due to flux messing with monitor colors

I finally got around to watching The Lorax, saw The Onceler’s mom and then this stuff happened. there were some extra butts in there too

A repost with the scanned and easier to see versions

Anonymous asked
The only suggestion I can offer is that the drawings might look better if scanned (but i know jack shit about drawing and you definitely know better than i do whether scanning reduces the quality of pencil-drawn works heh)

Good idea. Except this looks better with the inked drawings, over the pencils. I just use really light pencils and they don’t scan too well, nor do they make very good photos really.

I’ll fix my last 2 submissions with scanned versions, one has to be resposted.

Anonymous asked
Chigui sucking some big black dick.

Who? Also that post wasn’t a call for a drawing request

What do you like to see from me and WHAT would you like to see from me?

A query to you, my followers. I am curious. Don’t expect me to make changes according to the answers. However that doesn’t mean I won’t. I’m not asking for any specific drawing requests, only feedback.

Please use the ask box.

Mimicutie’s got quite a pair of…legs

tryin more pigment liner pen


"Lammy, are you drunk?"

"No, i’m… i’m fine.. jush.. shut up, and leave it to Laaaaammmyyyyy"

Continuing this kick, using up another pic i’ve been sitting on for a bit. Cute artwork from chombieart, who is taking really cheap commissions as well

heck yea. Good job on this